Printing Labels

During the export process, ArchForm will generate a PDF with codes that match each model, allowing the ArchMill to identify and trim each model.

Setting Up the Label Printer

We currently recommend using Windows with the Zebra GK420d that we supply with the ArchMill, as it is not directly compatible with macOS at this time.

Follow these steps to set up your label printer quickly and easily:

Remove the Zebra printer from its packaging.

  1. Connect the round power connector to the label printer and plug the power cord into a suitable power outlet.
  2. Connect one end of the USB cable to the matching port on the back of your Zebra printer.
  3. Install the Zebra Label Printer software appropriate for your operating system. At this time only Windows is supported.
    1. Windows 10 and newer:

    2. Download the Zebra GK420d Printer Driver from the manufacturer’s website.
    3. Install the driver by proceeding through the install wizard prompts.
    4. Connect your Zebra printer to your computer.
  4. Load the included roll of labels onto the self-centering holder of the Zebra printer.
  5. Download and open the example PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or your preferred browser.
  6. Example.QRCode.pdf24.9KB
  7. In the print dialog, click on the Print button or press CTRL+Pon your keyboard, and select the Zebra GK420d Printer.
  8. Go to Printer Properties.
  9. Choose the Settings option.
  10. Download and select the settings file located below
  11. ArchMillZebraSettings.drs2.5KB
  12. Select the Import Settings button and select the settings file we previously downloaded.
  13. Click on the Calibrate button.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Print the example label and check to ensure that it appears correct and all information is on the label, without it being cut off.
    • If the label looks good, your printer is configured and ready to be used.
    • If it looks bad, please contact us for assistance.

Contact ArchMill Applications Support