In using these machines internally for the past few years, we have fine-tuned many settings to achieve optimal trim quality, but this relies on several best practices as well.

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Replace your milling bit after cutting 200 aligners.
  • Clean the inside of the cutting area regularly and before leaving the machine unattended for prolonged periods of time. This includes:
    1. ⚠️
      Never use compressed air for cleaning, as this could damage the machine.
    2. Using a brush or vacuum to remove chips from the gripper to ensure models sit flat.
    3. Using a brush or vacuum to remove chips and dust built up on the walls of the cutting area.
    4. Emptying the removable chip tray into a lined trash receptacle or bag.


Your machine is calibrated at several points before leaving ArchForm facilities for the first time. Calibration is typically not needed before extensive use has occurred. Please reach out to ArchMill Applications Support for help determining if this process is required for your machine and for assistance with this process.


Your machine will check for and apply updates automatically. At times, it may prompt you to restart the machine by interacting with an onscreen message in order to complete the update process.

Contact ArchMill Applications Support