Creating a treatment plan

The basics for creating a treatment plan

Moving teeth

The treatment planning software works by you placing the teeth into the final position you want them to be in, and the software generates all the stages for that movement.

Moving teeth - movement widget

  1. Click on the tooth you wish to move.
  2. Click and drag the movement widget to move the tooth to the desired position.
  3. Click away to deselect.

Changing pivot position

To change the pivot position for the tooth, click on the green dot that coincides with the desired pivot point.

Moving teeth - exact amounts

  1. Click on the tooth you wish to move.
  2. Enter the amount of desired movement into the movement readout box.

Moving teeth - incremental amounts

  1. Click on the tooth you wish to move.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the corresponding movement readout


Interproximal reduction (IPR) gets automatically added whenever two teeth move into contact with each other. An equal amount of material gets removed from both teeth. A red line represents the area of collision, and a number in millimeters above the area of contact displays the amount of IPR.

You can add or remove IPR between any two teeth in 0.1mm increments by clicking the Up or Down indicators above the interproximal space. It does this by reducing the arch circumference without changing inner-canine width.

To hide the IPR amount, click the IPR button in the lower left-hand corner.

To hide the collisions, click the Collisions button in the lower left-hand corner.

When you export your models, an IPR report gets generated along with your models and saved with them. This report gives the total amount of IPR to perform at each location.

Note: Make sure to use the tooth marking tool to indicate which teeth are missing so the software can generate an accurate report.


Adding attachments give aligners a better grip and more control on teeth. ArchForm comes preloaded with various attachment shapes, each specifically designed to give optimal control for moving teeth.

To add an attachment, click on the tooth you wish to add an attachment to, and then click on Attachment - On, in the right-hand panel.

You can change the Attachment Shape by using the dropdown menu.

To move or add multiple attachments, click Edit Attachment to bring up more attachment options.

To change the position of the attachment, click on Move Attachment in the right-hand panel. Clicking and dragging the center dot on the attachment moves the attachment. To rotate the attachment, click and drag the semi-circle.

Clicking Add Attachment adds another attachment. If you decide to remove the attachment, select the attachment you wish to remove and click Remove Attachment.

When you are done editing your attachments, you can click Done at the bottom of the screen.