Creating a patient in the Dashboard

How to create a patient in the Dashboard with scans, photos, and a prescription

The Dashboard is a patient management portal that syncs with the treatment planning software. It allows you to keep track of patients throughout the entire workflow as well as submit the patient for alignment by an ArchForm orthodontist or technician.

You can start a patient in either the treatment planning software or the Dashboard.

Creating a patient record in the Dashboard

  • To start, click New Patient and begin by filling out the Patient Details.
  • For Product, select whether you wish to create the treatment plan In Office or submit it to ArchForm for alignment by an orthodontist or technician.
  • Upload Files allows you to upload scans, photos, and x-rays. If you are submitting the patient to ArchForm for alignment, photos are required. If you are creating the treatment plan In Office, you only need the scans to create the patient record.
  • Clinical Conditions and Preferences include all the details for the patient's prescription. If you are submitting the patient to ArchForm for alignment, make sure to fill out all relevant information.

When you have filled out all necessary information, click Finish to create the patient record. The patient now appears in the Unprocessed category and can be viewed in the treatment planning software using the Open in ArchForm button.