How to trim your models for export

Before exporting, make sure that you trim your models down to the desired height for printing. Trimming the models reduces the amount of resin required for printing as well as shortening the print time.


  1. Click on one of the yellow dots located on the left side behind both arches.
  2. Drag down the green bar to adjust the height.
  3. Tilt the trimming plane using the quarter circles.
  4. Click away to hide the trimming plane and set your trim height.
  5. Optionally, you can click on the "Auto Cutting Plane" button and the software will automatically adjust the cutting plane based on your preferences.

Note: The model will not immediately appear trimmed. However, when exported, the models are trimmed to the set height.


You have the option of having the cutting plane set for you, without manual adjustment.

To enable this setting, open up the settings menu, and scroll to the bottom of the modal, and then select the "Use Auto Cutting-Plane checkbox and select your desired Distance to Teeth in millimeters. This number is used to calculate how far the cutting plane is from the 3 lowest places where teeth are showing. Often, the distance of gums saved is slightly higher than this number, so you can bias toward lower numbers that what are shown.

This will only effect patients that are imported after you have enabled this setting.