Segmenting teeth

To segment the scans, click on the incisal ridge(anterior teeth) or occlusal surface(posterior teeth) of each tooth to place a segmentation marker. If a marker is misplaced, click it again to remove it


After you have selected each tooth, click Next.

Segmentation of the teeth usually takes 15-30 seconds. No action is required during this stage.


Adjusting gingival margin

Once the segmentation is done, the teeth will be colored in with borders along the gingival margin.

1: If adjustments are needed, there are two tools for adjusting the border. Sculpt is for moving the lines and Smooth is for smoothing them out.

A. Sculpt: Select a tooth, click Sculpt on the left panel, and drag the grey circle along the border to adjust the curves.

B. Smooth: Select a tooth, click Smooth on the left panel, and hold the grey circle above the area to smooth the curves.

2: Brush Size: The brush size can be adjusted with the Brush Size indicator slider.

3: Click Done Editing Tooth or press the Enter key


Accepting Segmentation

When finished adjusting all borders, click Next.

To return to Scan Model Processing, click Previous.‍