How to use the sculpt tool to move multiple teeth at once

The sculpting tools allow you to move multiple teeth at once using brush tools.

Brush Size adjusts the size of the brush tool i.e., how many teeth move at once.

Brush Speed sets the rate at which you make adjustments to the teeth.

Collision Avoid determines the amount of resistance to collision the teeth have.

  1. Click on Sculpt Upper or Sculpt Lower.
  2. Select your sculpt tool:

Sculpt - Move

  1. Click and drag to push teeth along the horizontal plane.

Sculpt - Rotate

  1. Click and drag to rotate the teeth.

Note: Dragging on the buccal side rotates the tooth in the same direction of movement. Dragging on the lingual side rotates the teeth in the opposite direction.

Sculpt - Tip

  1. Click and drag to tip the teeth in the direction of movement.

Sculpt - Smooth

  1. Click and hold over the teeth you wish to automatically move along the horizontal plane to fit the Curves.

Note: Checking the Auto Align box allows the teeth also to rotate, tip, extrude, and intrude while using the Smooth brush.


Curves can be used as visual alignment aids and having the software move the teeth to the curves.