<aside> 💡 Follow these instructions after powering on the machine and also after leaving the machine unused for any extended period of time.


  1. Home the axes by pressing the Home axes button and wait for the axes to finish moving.
  2. Ensure that a milling bit is installed into the spindle and that it is intact, if not follow the instructions located below.

Milling Bit

Assembling and Installing the Tool Holder

  1. Press the Measure Tool button and wait for the axes to finish moving.

  2. Loosen the 3 spindle set screws using the 3mm driver.

  3. Check that the tool holder and spindle collar are clean.

  4. Install the tool holder. Make sure to align the notches on the holder with the tabs on the collar.

  5. Incrementally tighten the set screws by moving from one screw to the next until all three are evenly tightened.

    <aside> 💡 If the collet has not been installed, follow the steps below, otherwise proceed to step 2 of Preparing to Mill.


  6. Remove the black collet nut from the tool holder.

  7. If necessary, insert the provided 3mm driver into one of the spindle screws and use the provided wrench to remove the collet nut.

  8. Locate the ER11 collet, which is typically found in the same slide-out packaging as the tool holder, within its own sealed plastic bag.

  9. Snap the collet into the collet nut by seating the widest end into the interior of the collet nut, where the threads are.

  10. Start to thread the collet nut onto the tool holder without beginning to tighten.

  11. Proceed to step 2 of Preparing to Mill.