Details covering all the information on the patient record

Each patient created in the Dashboard or treatment planning software has a patient record. This record keeps all the relevant information regarding treatment planning and production easily accessible.

Patients created in the Dashboard have all their relevant information already filled out when they get created. If a patient gets created in the treatment planning software, the only information attached to their record is their name. You can add their details, photos, and prescription by clicking Edit Patient.


Photos can be uploaded as individual files or as a composite image. If the patient got imported first in the treatment planning software, then you can upload photos later using the Upload Files button.


Comments allow you to add any notes or photos to keep everyone informed on what is happening with the patient. They allow you to communicate with your staff and the ArchForm team member creating the setup if you selected an ArchForm Alignment.


You can send the patient into the next category by clicking the advancement button in the top right corner. Depending on the current category, the message changes to indicate the next category the patient moves into. You can click the ellipsis to select another category to jump the patient into.


All patient files get stored in the Files tab.