1. Verify that the machine is powered on and the display shows the Waiting for model message.

  2. Open the lid of the machine.

  3. Swing the gripper lever to the left until you are able to securely place the model onto the gripper fixture.

  4. Release the gripper lever, allowing the model to be held in place.

  5. Close the lid of the machine and allow it to search for the code on the model.

  6. Upon finding the code, the display will show the arch ID.

  7. Once the trim path is loaded, the machine will present a Start button on the screen.

  8. Press the Start button to initiate the trim process.

  9. Once the machine completes the trimming operation, the display will indicate that the process has concluded.

  10. Open the lid and remove the model from the gripper by swinging the gripper lever to the left again.

  11. Extract the trimmed aligner from the model.

    <aside> 💡 If necessary, employ a blunt tool, such as a dulled buffalo knife or rounded-end wax spatula, to assist in the removal process.


    <aside> ⚠️ You may hear a sharp, whining noise when the spindle comes into contact with excess or raised plastic created after thermoforming. This is normal, and not harmful to the machine or the aligner during the trimming process.


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