How to import your stl scans into the treatment planning software

To start, click on the top bar where the current patient's name is displayed. If you're using the software for the first time, it says "Sample Patient".

In the dropdown window, click on CLICK TO ADD NEW PATIENT**.** This brings up the patient import window. From here, type in the patient's name in the field Patient's Name.

Click on Select Upper, locate and select the upper arch, and click Open.

Next, click on Select Lower and repeat the steps to add the lower arch.

Note: When exporting the scans from your scanner, select the option listed as Separate Files in Occlusion or similar, so that the scans will come in occlusion.

Finally, click on ****Create Patient ****to ****import your scans.

Before proceeding, you will want to make sure your scans are in occlusion, oriented correctly, and trimmed down.

Scans can be imported either solid or hollow. If hollow, ArchForm will automatically cap the scans.

Your arches should be positioned within the arch cutout, oriented upright, and facing forward. If they are not as pictured, follow the instructions below.

Arches in occlusion, oriented upright, and facing forward

Arches in occlusion, oriented upright, and facing forward

Scans not in occlusion

  1. Select either arch.
  2. Using the movement gizmo, move the arch into occlusion using the occlusion plane as a reference.

Notes: If both arches need to be moved, use Shift + Click to select both arches.

Scans not oriented correctly