<aside> 💚 We are so excited to share this piece of tech we have been working on for many years and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do. On this page we will tell you how to get started and properly use your new ArchMill machine.


What’s Included in the Box

Part Name Quantity Weight
ArchMill 1 1 56.22 lb (25.5 kg)
Zebra GK420d (QR Label Printer) 1 5.56 lb (2.52 kg)
Power Cable 1
Tool Kit 1
0.8mm End Mill 5

<aside> 📢 Before we get started, we want to know that we are here for you the entire way. If you want us to get on a call to explain this instead of reading it yourself, reach out and we’d be happy to arrange a call!


You Will Need

Setting Up Your ArchMill

  1. Remove your ArchMill from its packaging and place onto a flat surface.

  2. Remove all protective adhesive, then swing open the hinged protective lid to remove the additional packaging from inside the cavity.

  3. Swing the hinged protective lid closed.

  4. Remove the 10 thumb screws from the back panel of the ArchMill.

  5. Swing the flat panel counter clockwise, while taking note of the cables in the lower-left,

  6. Locate the 4mm hex key within your tool kit.

  7. There are four shipping bolts installed in the ArchMill in order to lock the axes in position and prevent damage to the machine during shipment. Please use the 4mm hex key to remove the bolts.

  8. Replace the 4mm hex key into the tool kit and insert the 10 thumb screws to secure the back panel into place.

  9. Plug the power cable into the inlet on the back of the ArchMill and the opposite end into any 110v-220v receptacle.

    <aside> 💡 If this cable does not natively fit into your power receptacle, you should not need any specialized converters aside from a simple plug adapter.


  10. Switch the ArchMill on from the switch on the back, next to the power inlet, and wait for the machine to boot.

    <aside> 💡 Booting takes roughly 6 minutes before the entirety of the software is loaded