As a prerequisite to these steps, please have a completed treatment plan in place for the patient you wish to export. Please see Getting Started for additional information on creating a treatment plan.

To export an aligner trim path for your patient, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your patient is open in the ArchForm software.

  2. Click on Trim Path and select Yes when prompted to generate a trim path.

  3. Adjust any variables for the trim path unless you plan to do a straight trim (more on this later).

  4. Export the aligner by following one of these methods:

    Interactive Mode

    1. Select the Interactive Mode button.
    2. Aligner Maker will open, displaying a preview of the trim path for each stage and arch, based on our software’s recommendation.
    3. For Advanced Use: Adjust any parameters including tilt during various ares of the trim, as well as other preferences.
    4. Begin exporting by pressing the EXPORT POCKETNC button. This creates the 3D files, IPR report, and QR Labels locally in folder that you have chosen.
    5. When you are finished exporting, close out the Aligner Maker program to return to ArchForm.
    6. You will be prompted to upload the trim files to ArchForm’s cloud. Press OK to perform the upload. You must upload these files for use with ArchMill.
    7. If uploading is successful, another prompt will appear. Press OK to dismiss the prompt.

    Cloud Mode

    <aside> 📢 This feature has been disabled in the latest versions of ArchForm, while we improve its reliability.


    1. Select the Cloud Mode button to initiate the process.
    2. The software will then generate a recommended trim path for each arch and it will upload the trim path to the cloud, while saving the 3D files, IPR report, and QR Labels locally.

Contact ArchMill Applications Support

<aside> 📨 Our Email: [email protected]