<aside> πŸ’‘ While ArchMill does not require these specific consumables, we have validated a couple of specific consumables for the ArchMill and its associated workflow.


Manufacturer Part Type Part Number
PreciseBits Endmills (or Burs) https://www.precisebits.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=662πŸ”—
Zebra Adhesive-backed labels https://zip.zebra.com/xxx/10010037/product/1-156Y-595πŸ”—

Adding Depth Stops (White Rings) to Your PreciseBits Endmills

<aside> πŸ“’ When ordering from PreciseBits, we recommend creating an account to ensure that this setting is persistent across your order.


  1. When proceeding through the checkout process, at the Billing Details step, select Change ring settings.


  2. Under the option for Add Depth Ring for ⅛” Shank Tools please choose β€œRings @ .800” to have a depth ring installed at 0.8 inches.


  3. Press Save and proceed through the rest of the checkout process.