How to submit a patient for alignment by an orthodontist or technician

You can submit patients to ArchForm for alignment to save you the time of creating their treatment plans. When submitting through the Dashboard, you have the option of submitting a patient for alignment by an orthodontist or technician.

Orthodontist Alignment: Diagnosis and treatment planning advice from a specialist. Includes diagnosis, treatment plan designed by an orthodontist, comments, and recommendations for treatment.

Technician Setup: Basic setup and alignment of the 3D model, no orthodontist diagnosis or evaluation.

How to submit a patient for alignment

  1. To start, click on New Patient from any category view in the Dashboard. Enter the patient's details, such as their name, age, and gender, and click Next.
  2. For Product, you can decide if you want to submit the patient to an orthodontist or technician, and then click Next.
  3. You can now upload the patient's .stl files, photos, and x-rays. All patients submitted to ArchForm for alignment must include photos. To upload a file, click on the corresponding icon for the file you want to upload and use the pop-up window to navigate to and select the file. Repeat this for all files.
  4. Clinical Conditions and Preferences allow you to prescribe how you want your patient's treatment plan created. You can set parameters on things such as IPR and attachments. Any additional information that you would like to provide that does not fit into the prescription fields can be written in the Notes section of Preferences III.
  5. When you have filled out all the necessary information, you can click Submit.

The patient remains in Unprocessed until the orthodontist or technician begins working on the patient. From there, the patient moves into Planning while the treatment plan is gets created. When it is ready for your approval, a notification alerts you that the case is in Needs Review. You can review the treatment plan by clicking Open in ArchForm.

Once the setup is approved, you can proceed with exporting the models for printing and take over control of moving the patient through the remaining workflow categories on the Dashboard.